Working my Tail off....

Hey everyone,

I am doing much better than I had been. I am now back in São Borja and working my tail off to make up for the lost time. My work is getting better and I am really excited for the weeks to come.

I had to get my second talk of my mission on Sunday.  My companion and I discovered this on Saturday morning when there was no time for me to prepare. I was a little nervous but it came out well. Our mission president has been really reenforcing the importance of the Book of Mormon in our lives and in the conversion of those who come in contate with it.  We discovered many things pretanning of the final judgment and the book.  For instance, those who served missions, or those who are Elders of the Church, will be held responsible by Nephi and Moroni about how they used the book, for they are the two people who suffered most to make it come to fruition.  With that information,  we are now compelled to walk with a copy in our hands and I am using it more and more, so my talk was about the book.  I said many things which to be honest  I do not remember. I was filled with the spirit and just winging it.  I had litterally no time to prepare a talk, but I managed to fill up 15 minutes and would have gone on longer, but I looked at the clock on the back wall of the chaple and felt that I needed to give the second counseler in the district presidency time to talk.  Not to brag but I really felt good about my talk. If I could remember what I said I would give you a part of it right now, but I don´t so I wont.

Well family, it is getting closer and closer to that faitful day when I walk down the tarmack and give a great big hug to you all; until that time I love you all and hope the best.

Love Elder Caleb S. Carriere

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