Minha Nossa Sinhora eu não gosto de quente. Bararidade Tche

Dear Family and Friends,

Things here are well.  I am in good health, and the work is progressing better than ever before.  We had another baptism on Saturday. Her name is Indiara.  She is 19 years old and 5 months pregnant.  It was something special with her.  She lives with her sister and brother-in-law, who are members, and they have been praying for her to receive an answer about the Church.  Then we came and taught her the first two lessons and asked that she pray about what we had said was true or not.

Well as it turned out, she did pray.  That night she had a dream that she was baptized by Jesus Christ himself, and later went to Church with her entire family.  The next day, which was Friday, she said I want to be baptized tomorrow.  It was fortunate that she had visited the Church many times in the past so we could do that.

If you have been counting that makes 7 baptisms in total.  I would have had 9 by now, but something really terrible happened to the other two.  We were going to have 3 baptisms this past Saturday, Indiara, which you know about already, and the other two are Tere and Maicon.  Tere and Maicon are mother and son.  She is blind, has a brain tumor and TB.  She has many many health problems, and what happened was on Saturday she either had a stroke or the tumor cause the left side of her body to stop working normally, so she was in the hospital.  She is fine now, but the baptism is going to be moved to this coming Saturday.

She has such great faith, my goodness.  I am envious of it.  She has been going to Church with a member family for a while now, and she told us that her greatest desire is to be seal for time and all eternity to her family in the Temple.  The thing about it is we hadn't taught her yet about Temples.  She learned it in Church.  OOOO.

Well that is me, I hope you all are doing well.  The weather her is Hot.  Hotsts,  I tells ya, and it is only going to get hotter in February.  Minha Nossa Sinhora eu não gosto de quente.  Bararidade Tche.  That is gaucho speak for its really hot.

Até Logo,

Elder Caleb S. Carriere