Becoming that which we wish to be.

Dear family and friends,

This week is the last week of the mission of dear Presidente and Sister Myrrha. They are leaving on a jet plan, in two days. (June 30th for those who are counting.)

It is an emotional time for the mission, and everyone is a little sad to see them go. They have made a great difference in the history of the mission and also in our lives. It was interesting, we gave them a farewell, in place of a zone conference. It was very much like a fryer´s club roast, but with out all the swearing and with more skits.

I got to sing, that was nice. I have the nick name of Pavarotti, one of the three tenor who died not too long ago. You know the really fat one. Any who, I sang together forever in Portuguese with a sister in my district. It was something special. I tried to upload it on this computer, but I have decided that computers in Brazil, especially which we use in internet cafés suck and bit the big one if you get my drift.

I got some interesting advice from Presidente Myrrha. I gave him and his wife a good farewell hug and he whispered in my ear said said, "your history is not yet complete; continue to write it." Which is something that I take literally and metaphorically. This is also something interesting; I was cleaning up my desk and happened upon a couple of papers that had been stapled together. It was about the duties of a leader in the church both in the mission and in other auxiliary callings. It was interesting. There was a quote from George Bernard Shaw which said this, "A vida não consiste em discobrir quem somos, mas em tornar-nos aquilo que desejamos ser." Which translates to, "Life does not consist of discovering who we are, but in becoming that which we wish to be." I do not know if that is the correct translation. I was translating it, but the thought is still the same.

I am going to do that.

Love you all,

Elder Caleb S. Carriere


Dear Family and Friends,


It is the world cup and everyone is crazy. We tried hard to work, but our numbers this week went to the toilet because of the games. It is crazy. It was ordered by our mission president that we have to arrive in our houses half and hour or an hour before the Brazil games start and we cannot leave until half and hour after. It is really crazy, my companion and I were studying and we could hear our neighbors yelling, cheering, and making all sorts of noise. It is a real deal here. For an example, the banks in Brazil held a special meeting to discuss that they would not open there branches during the games, so a little bit before each Brazil game they close up shop and then after then all open up later with extended hours, to make up for the two or three hour loss. It is crazy.

I am doing well. This week... lets just say that I am glad that it is over. A lot of things happened that left my companion and I high and dry. We are teaching a family that the oldest daughter was baptized a little bit before I arrived. The family was progressing so well, and still are I really hope, but she goes and makes a rather immature and stupid decision to runaway from home and starting living with a drug/arms dealer. Oh, I also forgot she has a one and a half year old daughter who she also took with her. Her family is heart broken and is thinking about moving away from the city to a smaller city that does not have our church. I am really worried about that.

A lot of thinks like that happened,but I know that this week will be better. I have all the confidence and faith that it will be. But as always keep me in your prayers and thoughts.


Elder Caleb S. Carriere