Santa Rosa is on Fire!!!

I am going really well. My companion and I are lighting Santa Rosa on fire. We taught 34 lesson this past week and we have found some really great families that I think that will progress really well.  There might be a baptism as well this week, so keep Marilei in your prayers so that she can continue to kick her smoking habit in the pants. 
I really do not have much to say today.  It is raining like the dickens and it has been continually gray for the last week or so.  It does not snow here so I think I might get the winter blues. That sucks but you do what you can. 
I am so grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost.  My companion and I have had many expriences this week that comfirm that we are guided by a force outside of use.  It is funny we found so many people that when we knock on their door they just say come on in before we have time to say anything.  We have also had an exprience that we were in an area that seemed off.  I have been there at night many times and have never felt in danger or anything of the sort, but this night my companion and I both had this eary feeling that stayed with us for a while. Eventually we left and felt better, but it was strange.  I am sure nothing would have happened, but when you have a feeling like that it is hard to not notice.  Especialy with two people.
Well I have got to go.
Elder Caleb S. Carriere