6 pounds lighter...

Dear Family and Friends...

How are things going with you? Everything is going well here in Sao Paulo. It is my 3rd week since I entered the CTM and I really still love it. I am enjoying every minute of it. It has been difficult adjusting to the life style of a missionary but I know that I will be bless for doing so. I hope that you guys got my letter and the email that was sent by the MTC presidency. If not here I am safe and sound.

I am doing well. The flight was long and I did not sleep much so by the time that I went to bed the next night I had been in the same suit for 36 plus hours. But right from the git go I know that this is where the Lord wants me to be and I know that I am doing a good work and I cannot come down for anything.

My companion and I get alone just fine. My companion is Elder Evan Hyde. He is from Smithville UT, which is right outside of Logan. He is really great. I love the kid to death. He is excited about the gospel and I know we can do a lot of good together. We have our rough moments, but nothing that is difficult to manage and comes from being around someone for every waking moment of ones day.

I am in class almost 10 hours a day. I am learning a lot about the gospel and the language. Although my companion and I have found out we do not know the language nearly as well as we thought we did. Which is sad because we are the stars of the language in our district. But I digress, it is the Lord humbling me for my vanity. I spend most of my day in class learning from Preach My Gospel and learning Portuguese. Both are coming alone well. Although it was nice today being able to get out of CTM and visit the temple, and wonder the streets of São Paulo. Do not worry mom, I am only a few blocks away from the CTM. I am sitting in an internet shop writing this email.

I have lost 6 pounds since entering the CTM. My pants are really lose on me. I am eating well most of the time. Some of the food is either hit or miss, but alot of it has been really good. Oh well, such is life.

I love the Brazilian culture and people. I have made a lot of Brazilian friends. There is a elder two doors down from us, and he is a crack up. His name is Elder Sousa. His first name is Caio. He has been helping my companion and I learn the language and we've been teaching him English which he knows a lot already.

I love it here. I am truly bless of the Lord for being here.
thank you for your love and support of me coming here and serving the Lord.


Elder Caleb S. Carriere

P.S. Unless you guys object I will only email you guys. I can only email my family and the cost of postage limits me. I will have ´pictures next time.

Frist Letter Home

Dear Mom & Dad,

I am alive and well in the MTC. I really love it here thus far, but don't quote me on that just yet. I have only been here for about 5 hours or so. My Companion is great. His name is Elder Hyde. He is from Logan, Utah. We seem to get along well. My roommates are really great as well. So far, there are 4 of us in our dorm room, but I've been told I should expect a Brazilian Companionship.

I am loving it and I am glad that i made the choice to go. The view from my room is great. I can see the Sao Paulo skyline as well as the rest of the MTC. I am on the 6th Floor, which is the top floor, room 613

The food is alright, nothing special thus far, but I've been told that today isn't the best day for food.

I will write you again soon. So, until then, Goodnight, God Bless and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Love Elder Caleb S. Carriere