The Power of the Priesthood can bring mighty miracles!

Dear Family and Friends,

How is everyone doing?  I hope that you are keeping warm, because it is downright cold her.  Well not so much cold as it is cold with lots of wind and rain.  It is really miserable weather here in the Big Rive of the South, or Rio Grande do Sul.  I am otherwise fine.  I am in good spirits and relatively good health.

This week was different.  We had lots of lessons; we taught 32, but we did not find many new investigators.  The new form that our new president, Presidente Ribeiro, has us doing really narrows down the playing field, or simply we had a bad week and the hearts of the people are hard and not willing to crack.  I am hoping for the first. 

We did however mark 3 more baptisms for the 28th of August.  They are a family really special.  The only reason that we are waiting one month for the baptism is because they need to get hitched first.  That is the problem here in Brazil. To get married it is wicked expensive and also you have to wait at least 30 days to receive the marriage license.  So we have found many people who are going to marry.  Up until now we have 4 families who want to get baptized, but need to get married first. 
So it is kind of a uphill battle, but a battle that we are winning it seems for the time being.

We had an excellent experience yesterday.  Well it started out bad, but ended out good.  What happened because of the rain and the cold hardly anyone from our branch actually went to church, so it is a bit of a stretch to think that our investigators would.  So we had no one at Church yesterday.  My companion and I were a bit upset or rather concerned with this.  We quickly changed our plan of attack for that day to revisit our investigators who said that they would go to Church.  We did and we discovered that the better part of them were sick in some fashion.  The first was a family that the mother has an inner ear infection and asthma and had an attack.  They did not go because of that.  We said alright we left a quick message and bang, we were off like a rocket to visit the next family. This family I have the most highest expectations for. They really wanted to go to church and get baptized, but simply the father suffered an accident many years ago and because of that his back is all out of shape, to such point that he has such pain that he cannot drive.   So we discovered this, and my companion began to teach a lesson about the priesthood and how it can bless our lives.  He wanted a blessing, so we gave him one.  He began to cry and simply says his testimony about how he knows that we are servants of God, and we are different and more "faithful" than the others.  It was something special. 

Well family I am getting hunger and I need to get going, while the going is still good.

I will talk to you all next week,


Elder Caleb S. Carriere