Skittles and UNO???

Hello family and friends,

How is everyone doing? As for me, I am doing just great. I had a pretty crappie week last week , but I am sure that this week will be a good one.  I just know it.  But you do know why it will be a good week?  Because we have a baptism coming up on Saturday.  Good thing too.  It has been a while for me, and that always excites people into action.  I will have pictures ready the next time we chat. 

It has stopped raining, which is a good thing.  Today is really bright and lovely.  A little chilly, but all the same it is a very good day. 
I had my last zone conference with President Myrrha.  It is a shame to see him go.  He is such a cool guy, but I have faith and all the confidence in the world for our new President.  His name is President Ribeiro.  He is from Brazil as well, and when President Myrrha was a stake president President Ribeiro was his first consoler and he also served a mission here in Rio Grande do Sul, so he already knows the people and the culture. I think that he will do a really great job.
Isaias De Oliveira Ribeiro, 46, and Soni Maria Barbosa Ribeiro, four children, Brazil Santa Maria Mission; Londrina 1st Ward, Londrina Brazil Stake. Brother Ribeiro is a stake president and is a former counselor in the Brazil Londrina Mission presidency, counselor in a stake presidency, bishop and missionary in the Brazil Porto Alegre Mission. Institute director, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion. Born in Maringá, PR, Brazil, to Pedro Celestino and Leardina Almeida Oliveira Ribeiro.
Sister Ribeiro is a former ward Primary, Relief Society and Young Women president and Sunday school teacher. Born in Maringá, PR, Brazil, to Moacir Da Silva and Ana Ribeiro Da Silva Barbosa.

Other than that I am have nothing more to report. I got a group of letter from the Singles Ward.  That was a welcome surprise. I did not know that there are so many new people in our ward.  It will be interesting to get to know everyone when  I get back.

Well that is it for me. I hope that everyone will keep in touch.

Com Amor,

Elder Caleb S. Carriere
If anyone can send me a big bag of Skittles and a deck of Uno that would be great. I thank you all and love you all very much.