Staying in Santa Rosa and a New Companion

Dear family and friends,

This weekend was very emotional for everyone involved. First off, that family that was having troubles are better than ever. They came out of their adversity with flying colors. I gave them my testimony about the trials of our faith and told them that I loved them and I hated to see them fall into unbelief like I once did, that with the frequent prayers of my companion and I,  they went to church, she did not turn down her calling as primary president, and they are stilling looking forward to their sealing in October.

It was also difficult to see my companion, Elder Griffin, off. I will quote the words of Freddy Mercury who said, "Mama, I just killed a man." I really did not kill him, but that is the terminology that is used when they you are the last companion of someone who is leaving. So I killed him, but not reallly. I also got to meet his parents. They came and picked him up for our little town. It was really something. They are great people. I think mom that Sister Griffin is going to call you sometime to talk about how great of a young man I am or something on those lines.

Alright here is the skinny. I have some news for you, I was called this morning to be the District Leader of Santa Rosa. I am staying, but I am moving up in the world. My new companion is Elder Bruno, and he is Brazilian, beyond that I know little to nothing about the guy save that he has had less time on the mission than I have so it is going to be interesting to say the very least, but I know that I am going to be fine. If my mission president thinks that I am capable to do this, than God does as well because my Mission President is inspire of God and of that I have no doubt. But all the same continue to pray for me, I am going to need all the help I can get.

Other than that I am here in Santa Maria waiting for my new campanion to arrive. I was told not to bring a suit case or an extra change of cloths because I would go home last night then when I got to President's he told me oh no you will be staying until tuesday. So I am still in the same cloths that I came in, and I am unshaven because I do not have a razor here. I am grizzly looking. But all is well otherwise.

I love you all and I will keep you posted about my life.

Elder Caleb S. Carriere