Shot Out at the OK Corral!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

I am really sorry about not writing my blog post, I really did not have anything to write about and I also was not feeling up for it.  I just wanted to relax more than anything. 

This week has been, different.  I have been playing private investigator, because my last companion may have proposed to one of the girls that he baptized, and my companion and I found out about it and we have been asking her, and people that she told that they are going to get married come December, and who knows what else.  I am a little upset by this because, they managed to do this under my noise.  I had my suspicions about them liking each other, but nothing to suggest that anything would happen after the mission.  I am really really trying to keep my works clean.  It is also funny, because our mission president also said something about how he gets sick when he sees missionaries flirting with girls and also he said that "Your wife is not in the limits of this mission, that is just Satan trying to get you to move away from what you need to be doing." 

My companion and I are getting along really well. We are getting better at speaking Portuguese, and I am learning a lot from him.  I am grateful for his example, and just simply he is a good guy.  He is chill and easy going.  He still wants to work but does not mind having a good time while doing it.  It is a nice change of pass.  It is kind of funny, we make bread and pizza and all sorts of other foods; we are like a regular Ozzy and Harriett. 

Yesterday was the first day of Fall, and it come in with a bang.  My companion and I work up at 1:30 last night to a great big thunder storm last night.  It was kind of wild, all of our windows and doors were open in our apartment because it is usually hotter than the sun here, but we had to make a mad dash around the apartment to close the windows and doors which were slamming shut and opening again.  It was crazy. It was kind of exciting. 

This story is also true, and my companion said that I could copy it from his email. I can testify that this is true, and it happened this week in our area.  In a letter from Elder Griffin to his family, "  so we have had some investigators going through some pretty interesting experiences this week, and none of them good ones. We had one that almost killed his neighbor because he threatened a seven year old that lives next door, whose mother then threatened him and called the father to come bust a cap!!  We had one whose brother got arrested in a drug bust, one of our members mothers, who is also an investigator, was almost killed by her brother, than almost killed her brother, who was then almost killed by her neighbors dad. And another investigator was almost murdered by her boyfriend who is three times her age, and already has a huge criminal record. Fun week huh!! Talk about exciting!! There was also a drug bust in an apartment complex where they got eight drug traffickers. Talk about adventure!! And last week me and my companion walked by a gunfight, it was pretty interesting!! " Elder K. Brooks Griffin companion of one Elder Caleb S. Carriere

That is me for this week.  I have pictures but I forgot to bring my camera and cable again, so I will send them next week. I hope. 

Com Amor para sempre,

Elder Caleb S. Carriere