Not loving Divisions

Hey everyone,

It has been a weird, but good week.  I had my first division with my zone leader where I got to to stay in my area.  It was nice, but at the same time stressful.  I really have to say I do not like doing divisions very much. They interrupt the flow of how you can teach and also seem to be fruitless at times, but I still learned a lot. 

I really do not have much to say.  It was really hot this last week, but the rain came and it is now cold once more.  It reminds me of Indiana.  The weather is always odd and does not make sense half the time.  It is supposed to be winter, but was up in the 60´s or 70´s last week.  I am at a lost for words. 

 I am enjoying my calling, but at the same time, not very much.  I think that my zone leaders like to listen too themselves talk.  We waited almost 15 minutes on one subject where he said the same thing over and over and over again, and each time  I said, " yes I understand, yes, aha, yes,  I understand."  It was a little bit ridiculous. 

Anyway, I am glad to hear from you all and I hope you are all going well.  I will talk to you all later. 


Elder Caleb S. Carriere