Nothing to Report

Hello family and friends,

Nothing much to report. I have been working a lot. My companion and I have been teaching a lot of people and I am getting over myself and talking more.  I have discovered that if I want to learn I have to talk and just take the hit when I cannot say what I want to say.  Everyone seems to respect that.  I have also been speaking more Portuguese with him everyday. It is a work in progress.

I am also sad to report that we did not have any baptisms last week.  We had one marked down but do to outside forces (i.e. his parents getting into a fight and his father not wanting to go to the baptism) put the kibosh on that. He will, however, be baptized  this next week and with another person as well.  I am really excited about the work here.  We have found so many good people to teach. 

I was on divisions last week again.  I really do not care for them.  I would have rather stayed here and taught with my companion, who I am accustomed to and not another guys.

Well, I have nothing to report.  I will have photos and more excitement for you all next week. 


Elder Caleb S. Carriere.