Hello Argentina

So how is everyone back Stateside,
I am doing really well. Life is good. We did not baptize the girl, yet.  She has not been to  church in a while, and we are working on her going to church before we put her in the water.
I finally went to the river, and guess what. I can see Argentina from my house.  It looks exactly the same as Brazil, but there are more trees on their side of the Rio Uruguai.  It is alright, there really is not much to see.
We are teaching a man named Israel, who is looking the Book of Mormon. His has already been baptized, and they really did not have any hopes for him to be baptized, and then we invited them to start reading the Book of Mormon as a family, and they did and a couple night per week we go there and read with them, he went to church two weeks ago and would have gone this week but he had to work. However, we talked with him last night he said never again will he take up a job on Sundays because he wants to go to church. We are going to start teaching him the lessons and see where it goes from there. I am very excited for the future holds for him.
Other than that I am fine, lost some more weight, P90X works.  I do not know how much I have lost, but I look skinnier with out a shirt, so that is what is important. I am kidding, I also look skinnier with my shirt on as well.
Elder Caleb S. Carriere