Fight to the end...

Well family,

I am doing well , and my companion and I are still working on that project that we are doing.

I am doing really great.  I am feeling much better about my life, than I was a couple of days ago.  I was going through some difficult times, but thankfully I got over it and now I am more deteremed to work until the last day of my mission.  I have seen so many missionaries just up and give up a couple months before the mission is over, and what good  comes from that.  None what so ever.

I know that my job is not yet done, and I am determined to get it accomplished. We had a pretty bad week compared to weeks passed. We did not reach many of our goals which we had previously set for ourselves and our zone, and I more than my companion got frustrated with this, however since he is just a good easy going guy we was able to show me the better way of couping with this kind of let down.  He is a big sports fan and he remembered a quote from the quarter back for the football team for the Univercity of Florida. They had just lost one of their games and he said, " you will never see a person in the US work harder than I will work this sesson to take my to the national championship." That year they won the NCAA nationals, so I think there was some merit to what my companion had to say to me in that situation. We are going to be the two most hard working missionaries that Santa Maria has had in a long while, and we are going to take names and kick butt in the process.

I am going well, and finally today we woke up and it was kind of chilly. They weather is finally cooling down and fall is starting to come in. I am so happy. I am done with this hot mugginess, and ready for something different.


Elder Caleb S. Carriere.

ps. I got Amy´s birthday gift last week.  Thanks Amy.