If you lived in the time of Christ...

Dear family and friends,
I am sorry but my time is running out so I will be very brief.  I am doing really well. I am a bit under the weather, but other than that I am great.  Sorry about last week.  I had a counsel meeting with Presidente Ribeiro. He is so cool.  I love listening to the man speak, and the best part is because I am a zone leader I get to travel once a month and have a meeting with him.  He is great.  He is a really inspired man, and truly a man of God. The meeting was also good. I learned a lot.  We also got new ideas for us to implement into our teachings.  Now it was commanded by the first presidency of the church that we now have to mark the baptismal date on the first visit.  That is exciting.  A reall test of courage to go up to some one that you do not know at all, and asked them " if you lived in the time of Christ would be part of His Church? Well, His church is here on the earth, so will you be baptized like Christ was baptized?"  It is something great to see, most people are really say yes, I would like that.  I was surprized. 
Well, I have to get going.
I love you all ,and I will talk to you later,
Elder Caleb S. Carriere LZ