Keep the Letters Coming...

Dear Family and Friends,

How is everyone doing? I would love to hear from you all in letter form. It makes the days just that more exciting, but e-mails are good too, not going to lie. Wednesdays are my favorite days because of the e-mails I get to read. Like for instance I got an email from Nick Floyd. See classy my friend, also it is sad news that the you sold the Mini Bus. Oh the memories.... life will go on.

As for my illness I am doing a lot better. I went to the doctor yesterday and got some antibiotics. I love the names of the medicines here; it is a pack of three pills and the names of the pills are called Astro. It is some Brazilian medication. It seems to be working so because everything is getting better.

I got your letter Mom that you mailed on the 2nd of this month, and I want to say do not worry I am eating 3 times a day, and I normally do not skip meals. I will admit when I was feeling worse than I am now I skipped a couple of meals because looking at it made me sick, but I am feeling better now. The trick is I am working out 5 times a week with out fail. Although this last week since I was sick I skipped a day or two. Also the rain did not help. It rained all the time, and I think it was last Thursday or Friday there were a lot of power outages here. Although the generators at the CTM work just fine so I was never without lights for more than a minute.

The test went well. My companion and I knocked it out of the Park. He is picking up the language much faster than I am, but I am giving it my all and I can get my message across so I am not worried one bit. This Friday we are going tracking for the first time. We go around Casa Verde and give the street contact lesson and try to hand out copies of the Book of Mormon. Oh sorry Casa Verde is the name of the neighborhood that the CTM is in. I think I am going to do well. But all the same wish me luck.

I Love P-day. I was able to go to the Temple again. I really love it there. It is so calm and peaceful. It is really kind of crazy too considering it faces one of the most busy streets in São Paulo, and the level of noise is great, but once you enter through the doors you cannot hear anything from the outside world. It is remarkable.

I was also able to go to the Distribution Center there, and I bought a couple of the Triple combination Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price in Portuguese. It is a nice red polished leather, much like mom and dads. I also picked up a copy of Jesus the Christ in Portuguese. I am not able to understand it now, but I figure I will by the end of my mission. I am going to try to print off my pictures and then send the SD card to Alyson so she can upload the pictures on to the Blog.

On Second thought one of my roommates just read about a pending postal strike in Brazil, so maybe... I will try anyway. I am sure you all want to see me.

Well guys, that is me in a nutshell. I am doing well, and better than last week. Oh I almost forgot I lost a total of 12 pounds the last time I looked and that was last week so I might be skinnier than that now. I hope so. I was finally just at 180 from 192.

We are also working on the third lesson in English. Then next week I believe it will be the 2nd in Portuguese. I am loving it.

I love you all, and I thank you for your love and support.


Elder Caleb S. Carriere

PS. send this to everyone.