Becoming that which we wish to be.

Dear family and friends,

This week is the last week of the mission of dear Presidente and Sister Myrrha. They are leaving on a jet plan, in two days. (June 30th for those who are counting.)

It is an emotional time for the mission, and everyone is a little sad to see them go. They have made a great difference in the history of the mission and also in our lives. It was interesting, we gave them a farewell, in place of a zone conference. It was very much like a fryer´s club roast, but with out all the swearing and with more skits.

I got to sing, that was nice. I have the nick name of Pavarotti, one of the three tenor who died not too long ago. You know the really fat one. Any who, I sang together forever in Portuguese with a sister in my district. It was something special. I tried to upload it on this computer, but I have decided that computers in Brazil, especially which we use in internet cafés suck and bit the big one if you get my drift.

I got some interesting advice from Presidente Myrrha. I gave him and his wife a good farewell hug and he whispered in my ear said said, "your history is not yet complete; continue to write it." Which is something that I take literally and metaphorically. This is also something interesting; I was cleaning up my desk and happened upon a couple of papers that had been stapled together. It was about the duties of a leader in the church both in the mission and in other auxiliary callings. It was interesting. There was a quote from George Bernard Shaw which said this, "A vida não consiste em discobrir quem somos, mas em tornar-nos aquilo que desejamos ser." Which translates to, "Life does not consist of discovering who we are, but in becoming that which we wish to be." I do not know if that is the correct translation. I was translating it, but the thought is still the same.

I am going to do that.

Love you all,

Elder Caleb S. Carriere

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