Life without worms is GOOD!!!

Hey everyone,

I am getting super excited about what will happen here in a couple of weeks.  Not that I am coming home or anything like that but it is likely that we will have a couple of really good baptisms here in São Borja, The Land of the Presidents.  They call the city this because two brazilian presidents, one of whom as assionated, were born and raised here.

We have changed tatics of our work and it is finally going right. We are inviting everyone for baptism. People are quite open to the idea.  Many have accepted our invitations for the water.

One man that we were teaching is finally wanting to get baptized and he has quit smoking.  It is a answer to many prayers of many people.

Life is good. I am without worms and or any other parasite.  I am working and Heavenly Father is blessing the work which is being done. I know that I am happy with what I have done until now.

Everyone here in São Borja is just doing great. Although there has been a lot of our investigaters who have been to the hospital this week.  One of whom because of this trip to the hospital is now free of his smoking habit.  Thank goodness for the almost pnenalmania ( the sickness where lungs fill up with liquid.)  He has a very good chance of being baptized now as well.

I love you guys and I hope that you all are in good health and excited for life as I am.


Elder Caleb S. Carriere

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