"This is the end, beautiful friend"

Dear Family,
AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I am freaking out. I have not the slightest idea what to do with myself these days.  I am working, but my work is coming to a fast hault and I am beside myself. It does not help that everyone keeps reminding me that my mission is coming to an end. I am pondering the imortal words of Jim Morrison who once said, "This is the end, beautiful friend,"  I still have some more things to take care of however, so I  will not allow myself to forget that. 
I still have much more, I have to get those two people into the water before I can call it quites.  I am working on that however.  It was cool hearing the baptims anounced in the sacrament meeting.  It is something that made me feel good inside.  It seems that Heavenly Father has heard our prayers and has made it possible for us to have what we´ve worked so very hard for.
I saw a picture of mom today. Minha nossa, as the brazilians say, she has changed. I think that we´ve all have changed. I am excited to see what the world has laying in store for me, and hope that it is good. But alls good in the São Borja.  To answer Erynns email, no it has not snowed here, but another part of the state it has.  It just gets cool and rainy. It is not a fun thing, however, right now it is nice and sunny. I´d say it is in the mid 70´s.  I am ready to get back into the swing of things.
Elder Caleb S. Carriere

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