An uncle once more!!!

Well family,

I am very happy to hear that I am an uncle once more.  It is a good feeling to see the pictures of Olivia and Amelia playing well together.  It is something really nice.  I did get a laugh out of the penguin thing as well. It is the coolest animal.  It is always very well dressed. 

I am doing well. I had a good week this week. We taught some very good lessons and my companion is being transferred this week.  I my new companion is also my old companion. Elder Vianna is my companion once more. That is a funny turn of events. It should be a good turn of events. I hope you all are all fine and well.

I got Mom's and Dad's Christmas gift. I am super excited to eat a whole lot of junk food from the good olé U S of A.  I have got little to say about that what is going on.

I love you all and I hope that you all doing really well.  


Elder Caleb S. Carriere

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