Hot Hot Hot

Hey everyone,

My goodness it is darn hot, hots I's tells ya.  How hot, thou knowest not.  Today however is cooler, and it looks like it might rain.  I hope it does, although I bought myself a hammock and I was looking really forward to taking a P-day afternoon nap.  I while simply have to do that in my bed.  Oh wo is me.  I am just kidding of course.  I am really happy. My new companion, well old companion and I are getting alone great.  He was in Cruz Alta with me for two transfers and now we are going to be together at least one.  It is good. We already know our idiosyncrasies and we are used to them.  He had a good week however for being a short one.  We had a day where we taught 9 lessons.  It was great. I really enjoyed working like that.  I hope that we can continue the pass. 

We are going to have another baptism this week.  It is a nine year old girl named Luiza.  She is super smart, and she wants to be baptized. She is a daughter of a less active member of our ward, and she was going to be baptized when she was eight years old, but for what ever reason it did not happen, but she now wants to get it done, and we are more than obliged to help.

My new companion, like I said is my old companion from Cruz Alta, Elder Vianna.  He is from São Paulo.  He is a hard working missionary.  It is a good thing. I want to work hard, and reap the things with I have sown.  He and I are having a good start. He found some good new investigators this week, and we are planning and how to find more in a different and more effective way.  I am very excited to see how this transfer pans out. 

I have had a good couple of weeks. My last companion and I reactived a couple of families who had been inactive for more than a year. It is a good thing to see them in the Church with smiles on their faces. I get joy in seeing these families in the Church.  It is good.

I love you guys, and I will talk to you next week.

Elder Caleb S. Carriere

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