Roommates Once Again....

Dear Family,

How is everyone doing? 

I am great, and I thank everyone for your love and good emails for my birthday tomorrow.  I am very thrilled that I will be turning 23 years old, but at the same time I realize that I am getting really old. My life is got much to do but little time to do it in.  I am all smiles however. I will get getting a new companion tomorrow.  I already know him. He is a good guy and he will be my third American companion.  Elder Hill.  He was my roommate in the CTM. It will be sweet. I am looking really forward to the new things that will be happening. 

I am doing really good. This last week there was a great deal to get done, and we managed to get it all taken care of before this past Sunday.  My last companion is ending his mission.  His name is Elder Monteiro he is a good guy, but he is really to leave.  The funny part of it his mother and father came to get him. He was really occupied by that for a while, and he did not think about too much other than that. We also received two more missionaries in our ward.  It is growing greatly and require two more Elders.  So this week my companion and I were on a constant companion exchange.  It was good however because we managed to help these two guys out, unfortunately one of them is being transferred to another area so I will have to help the new guys how is coming to the area.  

We also had two baptisms this weekend, and you would not guess it, but one of them the woman asked me to baptize her. Her name is Iracema. She is a wonderful woman.  She is the mother of three, and two of her children have mental handicaps. One cannot talk and is a result of lack of oxygen in the brain during the birth process, and they other is due to something that happened when he was a child.  It is very difficult for her, and she took to the gospel like no one I have seen before. It was an amazing transformation. She was a smoker, and when we taught her about the Word of Wisdom she stopped smoking, and that was about a month ago that she quiet smoking.  She is a great example of true will power through her faith in the Savior Jesus Christ.  

The other was a woman that was not baptized with her husband because she was pregnant and it was a risky pregnancy.  However she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and after a good time of recover and some trials of faith she too wanted to be baptized, and the cool thing about it was that her husband was able to baptize her having received the Aaronic Priesthood that same day.  It was cool.

My week is doing great, and I hope you are all doing really well. Amy Happy Birthday in two days.


Elder Caleb S.

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