Free Agency is a Powerful Thing!

Well Family,

This week was a good week. We managed to have many lessons and also we marked two baptisms for this weekend. It was also a colder and all around a better week.  

I had a couple of interesting experiences which prove that free agency is a powerful thing, and that laziness is more powerful at times.  I have done a lot of things to help a certain investigator to get married, but he has been keeps a secrete from us for some time now and our bishop discovered what it was in a chat that he had with him.  He is on probation for a crime that he has committed a while back, and he never told us.  So even if we were to get the marriage taken care of, he would not be able to get baptized because of the criminal troubles that he has.  It is a stab in the back, but what can you do.  I realize that none of this is my fault and that I did everything in my power to help this man out, but until he looses his vices which easily binds him, we cannot move forward and he is procrastinating the day of his repentance.

On a more littler note I have started shaving with a straight blade razor.  It is much better than anything else I have used.  They still sell actual razor blades and I recalled that Dad once said that when he was learning how to shave he said that a straight one blade was much better than anything that we use today. So I thought to myself, why not.  I have to say it is the best save I have given myself.  I will bring it home with me.  

My companion is ending his mission now and so it is somewhat funny. He is working hard, and he is showing me lots of things how to improve my teaching and what not, but it he knows that he is ending his mission, and he is becoming really trunky.  It is really funny.  I hope that I can continue on like that, working, but have a sense of humor about the end of the mission.

Happy Birthday Seth.

Elder Caleb S. Carriere

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