"Chá da Panela"

Hey everyone,

Life is great. My companion and I have been on fire this past week.  We taught 38 lessons this week which is a lot.  Although our goal was not met by two lessons. We wanted to teach 40, but because we both got sick one with Montazuma's revenge and the other because of to much sun.  My companion suffers from heart pressure problems and so when he get too much sun, or it is extremely hot sometime he gets lower heart pressure, and has little to no energy to work.  There were a couple of days that we only taught two to three lessons because of that. 

We were rewarded with some good things because of our efforts.  This coming up Sunday there will be a baptism.  The last week of the transfer and we made it.  The great part is that the woman that we are going to baptize is a former Nun.  Yes catholic, Mary Cathrine, mother superior nun. She is great. A little bit off her rocker, but great.  She's always giving us stuff.  It was kind of funny.  The first time that we taught her. she gave us soap.  Two gigantic bars of soap.  them this last time she asked us " Are you two married?" We told her no, that we were not married.  Then she asked if we were engaged with someone.  My companion said that he has a girlfriend waiting for him and I said I have no one. She then said wait here.  These are for you and your future wives.  She gave us two dish towels.  In Brazil they have a tradition called "Chá da Panela," which translates to tea of the pan or pot.  It is a bridal shower, and one of the standard gifts for this are dish towels.  Very pretty and hand made dish towels.  She painted  and embroidered the towel by hand.  The even funnier part was that we taught her with her neighbor who is a member.  Pâmela, who is 16 years old. When she found out that I am single she said that I should date Pâmela.  That got awkward really fast.  Although there was a good laugh afterwards about the whole thing.  

That was my week family. I love you all and I am excited to talk to you all on Christmas.  


Elder Caleb S. Carriere

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