Montazuma's Revenge

Hey everyone,
It was so good to hear from you all. I am doing quite well. I am sorry to say that I did not climb the mountain today. I had a bad case of montazuma's revenge last night and really I am not up for it, also one of the families that we are teaching wants to take us out and see some of the more touristy things that are around here, so we decided that would be better. 
I am fine. This week was kind of a race for us. We are teaching a lot.  Thank goodness, and we are finding some great people to teaching. For instance we were knocking doors and we did not enter a single one, until the second to last house.  Them we meet José Henique, he also did not let us in, but he said " Hey I really want to hear what you have to say, come back tomorrow, and you guys really need to come back tomorrow."  With such an invitation who can resist.  We went back around two o'clock in the afternoon.  He really was excited to see us,and we taught the first lesson, up until the book of mormon, we marked to teach that part with him, and his wife who was working at the time.  I am very excited for this family.  I will keep you all posted about what happens with this man.
I am happy to say that my hands are alot better. I remembered something that Dad once said, that maybe it has something to do with my nail bitting habit.  I stopped bitting my nails, and my hands are much better.  They are not yet 100% but compared with what they had been there is a night and day difference.
My camera is broken.  There is something wrong with the zoom. Evidently that is a common defect with the camera.  I had a companion that had the same camera and the same problem.  I had it sent to a place to be fixed. They fixed the problem, and shortly their after it broke again, when I tried to use the zoom.  They will fixed it again free of charge, but I am not sure how long that will last.  I am also having one of my suits trailored. I lost 32 pounds and it is really big on me and one of the sisters in the ward is a seamstress.  I hope that everything turns out alright. 
Well gang, I really do not have much else to say other than I love you and I will talk to you guys soon on Christmas.  I will have more stuff to say to you all when that time get closer. Also please send me my partiarical blessing. I would really like to read it.
Elder Caleb S. Carriere

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