Sorry for the Delay, but its Me again!

Hello Family and Friends,

It is time for my weekly update about the life and times of Elder Caleb S. Carriere. Things have not changed much. I am still working hard, but things are moving at a snails pace when it comes to tracking. We are still getting a lot of I am Catholic or Evangelical and the door being promptly closed. We have made a couple of promising investigators however, so I will keep you posted on that when anything more noteworthy derives from it.

It has been hot. How hot one might ask, well I will tell you. It has been in and around 100 degrees everyday this week. It really has been tasking, but I am still doing really well.

I had a funny moment the other night. I was so hot and sweaty and I needed to cool off, so I took a bath. We do not have a bathtub, but we do however have a large outdoor mason sink which I plugged the drain with a plastic grocery bag. It was tight, but it felt good really really good. I have a picture, and I would post it on Photobucket.

I will post the picture however on this email.

My companion and I are getting along great. I am still teaching him English and he is still teaching me Portuguese, well everyone feels the need to teach me Portuguese. It is kind of annoying actually. There is one member who has taken the burden upon herself that I must be fluent now, and gets quite upset with me when I cannot pronounce something correctly only after 3 weeks of speaking the language, and then she ask me to teach her English, which I have been. Oh well, life is good.

The reason that I am writing today instead of yesterday day was yesterday was the Day of the Dead... oooooooo, and our mission president asked us if we would go out to the cemeteries and teach the plan of salvation to those who would listen which was very few. The cemeteries here are really cool. Every family has their pastel colored crypts and tombs. They look like houses and I would even go farther to say that most of these crypts are nicer than some of the actually houses here. There was one funny moment, well funny might now be the word I would use, but a moment were an older lady asked us if we would accompany her to her family crypt. So Elder Zequini and I did and she was talking up a storm. I did not understand one word she was saying, and then she had us light candles with her. Since I am not Catholic and do not believe in these superstitions I was taken aback that she would ask us to do that, but we lit the candles and Elder Zequini said a prayer afterward and that was that.

I did not take any pictures of the cemetery. I will later though.

Well, that has been my week.

Love you all and thank you for your support.

Elder Caleb Spencer Carriere.

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