Another week in Paradise

Well. This week was just as hot until about Saturday and Sunday when it started to rain and cool down a lot. I have to say I really love the rain, but the conditions of the streets are such that when it rains it is terrible to walk in. Most of the roads that we were walking on were dirt that had turned into mud, but whatever; when in Rome.



(Brazilian countryside)

Things with the Language are coming along. I am starting to understand more and more each day. I actually had my first dream in Portuguese the other night. Well sort of, I was actually the only one talking in Portuguese, everyone else would respond in English, but it is a step in the right direction. I am studying more of the Language than I had previously, but not as much as I would like.

I had my first companion exchange. It works somewhat differently than in the United States. I actually had to travel by bus to a city called Santa Angelo, and there the division, as it is called, began. My companion for three days was Elder Borges. He is from Salvador Brazil. Which is half way between Reicife and Rio de Janeiro. He is also on of my two Zone Leaders. He is a cool guy. He taught me a lot in the two and a half days I was his companion.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel. The family that I had been teaching,

Luiz, Vania, Bruna, Savene, Tainara, and Henrique

and that I sent pictures of to Seth, who should have put them on the Blog but has not yet, are finally looking like they are going to be baptized. The parents are finally going to be married, some time in the next 30 days. My companion and I are shooting for the 12th of December as their baptismal date. I am so happy. All the effort is finally looking like it is going to pay off in the end.

Oh, I have also some more good news. I have lost 21 pounds in total since I arrived in Brazil. I started out at 192 and now weight 171. Things are looking good for me, I feel better, and everything is going great. Mom, do not worry I am eating three meals a day and drinking at least a gallon of water a day if not more. Alyson, I would like it if you would send me that workout you were talking about. I think it is from P90X. The jail cell work out? I think that is what it is called. I do not remember it was so long ago.

I am also going to be sending Amelia and Ashton a present soon. I think I might send it to Mom first and have her mail it to you guys because I do know what the postage of shipping baby bottles is here in Brazil. The reason I will send you baby bottles is because they are really cheap here. The other reason is that there are two soccer teams here in Rio Grande do Sul that people really love. Grêmio

and Internacional.

They are rivals, much like the Boston Red Socks and the New York Yankees. I have been told it is much more than that however. There is a drugstore near my appartment that sells baby bottles with their teams emblems on them, and I thought that would be a good gift for the kids. So the question is who gets Grêmio which is blue, and who gets Internacional who is red? I will let you guys decide. Which child looks better in which color and I will then send it to mom and if she is willing send it to the two of you.

I am doing really well otherwise. I would love to hear more from you guys. Let me know whats new and what not. How is Seth liking his new job? I hope he is.

Well, I bet be getting off now.


Elder Caleb S. Carriere

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