Mission Photos Volume II

The following are pictures  from the end of my stay at the CTM.... Hope you enjoy

 Elder Burt

Elder Koelher

Elder Laird

Elder Morris

Elder Rowely and I with Elder Wiscomb

Elder Titus

 Elders Ellis, Burt, Titus, Hyde and Myself

Elder Fujimoto jumps high, Asians can Fly
(sorry the video is on its side, I am still learning how to use this thing)

Elder Workman


Guys in my District

Irrnaos Guilherme and Melo

My District

Guiherme's Final Words to my District before we all left the CTM

Elder Ellis and I

 Elder Zimmerman

The Oliveras Family

 Pensive Caleb

Goodbye Sao Paulo....HELLO....

Santa Maria


Rio Grande do Sul

Elder Anthon Taylor

Elder Hill, we were packed in like Sardines

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