Blisters, Blisters and more Blisters

Dear Family and Friends,

Everything here is going... well for the most part. Although my feet have been killing me, and I have many blisters on my feet from walking many miles a day. I do not know the actual number, but a lot. I have a picture of one that is honestly the size of a quarter. It is under my left big tough (TOE) ( I honestly cannot remember how to spell that word) and it kills walking on it, especially due to the roads here. There are some that are paved with blacktop, but the rest are a hodgepodge of dirt, or more commonly are these roads that are kind of brick, but instead of being nice and flat and rectangular they are instead these large and jagged volcanic roads that send your ankles every which way when you step on them.

But I digress, I really love it here, and I think that Dad would love it as well. It is a community of farmers, and the landscape is honestly great. I have not taken a picture yet, but I will soon. I found Eyrnn´s note that she left in my Portuguese dictionary. It says "Preciso lavar minha roupas," which is actually conjugated correctly except it would be minhas, because it has to agree with the number as well as the gender.

The family that I have been teaching are doing well, although I do not think that the others will be baptized, because the parents of the family are not married, and I do not think that they will. It is a very common thing down here in smaller towns of Rio Grande do Sul for couples to live together as if they were marriage and not get a marriage license, because it is difficult to get one and it takes 30 days or so to apply for one. So if they do get baptized it will be more than likely not by me or Elder Zequini. But the two oldest daughters are baptized so that is good. They second oldest daughter and the father came to church on Sunday. I felt really good about that.

I also helped in giving a blessing yesterday as well. Irmã Bastos has been sick and her family asked if Elder Zequini and I would give her a blessing. It was a cool moment for me, although I had to give the anointing in English.

That is it for me. I have one thing to ask of you guys, if you want I would like for all toughs who would like to, to prepare to go through an endowment session when I get home. I would like to do that with all of you.


Elder Caleb S. Carriere

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