The Eye of Faith

Hey Family,

I am doing really well. I am happy and in high spirits. We had a really good week, and it was due in part of conference, and also because we had two baptisms this weekend.

First I would like to say that conference was really motivating, although by the end I was really quite tired, not because of being bored or anything of the sort, but rather tired because so much knowledge was to be had, and my poor opinon mind simply could not take a more information. All of us who were watching it, by the fifth session were having a hard time keeping our minds balanced. It is a strange feeling having the Holy Ghost tell you so many things, and being compelled to act rather than to sit idly by as the world asks upon you. That was one of the overwhelming messages that the conference told me. Also that I must get married sooner than later and also that once married I have to be a good husband, and not simply act like one. I still have sometime to learn how to do that, but I already have some ideas, thanks Richard G Scott and President Monson, and Presidente Ribeiro for giving me some incites about such things.

We had some interesting talks these days the guys in my house and I; we have been talking about the meaning of the "The Eyes of Faith," and how we can better apply those eyes in our lives. It is a simply perplexing topic, you can dig deeper and deeper, and the doctrine does not change, but the way that it is implemented changes, and also the results for the understanding of it. We talked that there needs to be faith, hope, and the eyes of faith. They all serve different functions for the same outcome, and lack one they all do not serve for anything. The first is faith, or in other words a goal or something which we want to achieve. The second is hope, our the confidence that we can achieve said goal, and the driving force behind our desire to achieve. The "eye of faith" being the plan which is made to achieve and strengthen both faith and hope. We learn in Moses 3:5 how God used it in the creation. It states that God created everything spiritually first before he created everything according to physical matter. God made a plan, and then made that plan happen. The spiritual Creation was the blue print for everything else, because His true goal is to have us become as Himself, which is possible through the eyes of faith, and seeing ourselves as he is, eternal and resurrected. On a more scaled down version of this we can apply this in our lives by making a goal, and then seeing that goal materialize in our minds, and then make that goal happen. It is something that we have been learning, and it is something that I need to study more about to become more like my Father in heaven.

We had two baptisms because of what we envisioned using our eyes of faith. Their names are Lourdes and Thaliany. They are a grandmother and granddaughter. It is a sad story that they have. Lourdes is a widow of a couple of years now, and also Thaliany is parent less, because when she was younger her father killed her mother, and has not been hear or seen from again. I do not know whether he was caught by the police or something else, I did not feel the need to ask, nor the gumption to ask. However their take to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ was a rather quick one, and once more proves that those who read the Book of Mormon will gain a testimony of it. There is really just no way of denying its truthfulness. They both read it daily and they are very happy to have found the church, because of it. I am glad that I was an instrument, or a "tool" in the hands of the Lord. I was the one who made the contact with Lourdes weeks ago, and said, "Hey, We are Representatives of Jesus Christ. Can we say prayer and bless your home?" I am beginning to understand how Ammon and the other sons of Mosiah felt as they talked about their success in Alma 27.

I am studying about the word Penitent. It appears just 7 times in the Book of Mormon, and six of these times it is stated in the book of Alma and 5 of those six times in Alma it is about Ammon. I will get to the bottom of what it means. I already have an idea about it. Thanks Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.


Elder Caleb S. Carriere

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