Happy New Years

Hello world,

I am going really good. This week was not that great with two exceptions. I got to talk to mom and dad on Saturday, and on Friday night we ate dinner at the house of our mission president.  That was a good thing.  Everyone had a good time, and we got to stop and relax.  It is a good thing to take your mind off of things, and just relax. I hope to do that to, when I get back to Lafayette.

Another good thing that happened, was an idea that my companion had about putting out a box with an ad that said, Hey you want a Christmas present.  We got a whole bunch of names that way, and we hope to contact them all this week or in the next.  It was a good idea on his part, it takes out a lot of work for us.  We just now search and destroy instead of a mass bombing raid.  

This morning was also a good one. We climbed the mountain once again, with a couple of the youth here. They brought a friend with them that wants to get baptized, but his parents are less then thrilled with the idea of letting their child enter the church.  Keep Mike in your prayers. He is a good kid, and wanted to become a member.  

I love you guys, and I am sorry that this letter in not as big as past ones.  I hope that you all are going extremly well ,and that here in a couple of weeks I will be a uncle once again.


Elder Caleb S. Carriere

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