No Diamonds in the Souls of My Shoes...

 Hey everyone, I am doing really well, and I should apologive for that last email. I did not mean to have you all worried about me.  I am fine.  That does not happen often or at all.  That was the first time I have seen a gun on my mission beyond the armed police who frequent the street.  


I also want to apologize for the delay on this email.  I had yet another zone conference this week, that lasted two days.  It was great.  I have some great times listening to my mission president.  He is really an inspired man.  We listened to him, and we learned.  We studied alot about the celestial law, and how we can become as God himself.  It was lot to handle, but I now know, that I have somethings to start doing before I can become like that.  It is a simple law, but a law that is also easy to deviate.  I also learned somethings that I will have to apply when.  The law is just do that which is right, and what we know to be right.  Be married in the temple, be faithful to our loved ones, do those things that will help our families be a united family (ie, family home evening, family pray and scripture study.)   Another thing that I learned in  a simple conversation with the President was who to find a good spouse. He said that every single one of the Apostles and the Prophet himself all found their wives in the institute program, he even said that Thomas S. Monson found his wife by studyiny the scripture by her in a doutrines class.  Who´d have thought that?

I am glad to have this things in my life.  I am glad to have you in my life.  I know that the gospel is true.  It really is, and as Bishop Low said, if it isn´t true, it is still a good idea.  I feel better about myself, and how I am than I have in many years.  

I have some photos to send to you all. One I am sorry to say is with my old shoes.  I started with three pairs of shoes, and now I am down to two.  I bought another pair. Those shoes that Dad bought me from that one store that makes special work shoes, I have completely distroyed through walking all day every day.  One now has a mouth because I triped alot and I riped a hole throw the leather, and the other has a great big hole in the sole.  

Sorry Dad, those were my favorite pair.  You were right, there are few shoes that are as comfortable as those.  


Elder Caleb S. Carriere

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