"Ruin De Mais"

Dear Family, Friends, and the 3 Brazilians who read my blog,

Things are going well here, although this past week was as my companion put it, "ruin de mais" or in lousy translated English, sucked.  We accomplished very little.  We became as it is known in Brazilian Mormon culture, fubecas, or lazy.  That word is only in the Church down here, it is like saying Jack Mormon or something like that.  

It was not due to inherent laziness on the part of my companion and I, but more on the fault of a series of unfortunate events.  It was a bad week.  First off I ate something that did not agree with me and I have had many trips to the restroom, to put it in a non-vulger way.  Then also, I cannot explain why, but I keep waking up at 4:30 in the morning and I cannot for the life of me fall back asleep; so I have been really, really tired as of late.  Thank goodness it is P-Day  so I can take a nap.  Then my companion for the last month or so before he became my companion has developed a bad knee, which decided that this week it will really start acting up.  So normally we would be able to walk a distance in 15 or 20 minutes now takes almost an hour. Then two nights ago our cell phone which he needs to gather numbers and relay them to our zone leaders broke.

Not to steal the title of those books, but this last week had a lot of unfortunate events.  

Oh also, the girl that we were going to baptized needs more time now so hopefully we will baptize here this week.  Fingers crossed.  

On good new, I received two packages this week.  The first of which was from Mom and Dad.  Thank you both I need those pants greatly. They fit wonderfully. The other package was from Alyson. Sorry to say Aly if you where trying to keep what was in the package a secret I already now.  Not because I have opened it, but because of the shipping manifest on the front of the package.  So if it is not going to break your heart, I would like to open it soon, because I can really use the photos.  If there is one thing Brazilians love it is photos and photos of ones family is better.  So let me know if it is possible for me to break my promise.

Sorry Amy I have not received your package yet, but I hope to this week.  I have Zone Conference where generally I will receive mail, and other things.  Then the week after that is Christmas Conference where the entire mission will ascend upon Santa Maria and do something really haven't the slightest idea of what will happen save lots of photos.

Well I really do not have more to say than good luck.  I love you all and I am looking forward to talking to you guys on Christmas.  I only have an hour to talk and my companion is a bit of a Peter Priesthood kind of guy, who I guess would have no qualms hanging up the phone for me if I went over the limit, so keep that in mind.  I think the plan of action is that we are going to go to the Chapel and use the phone there. It is more private that way, so next week I will have more instructions about the phone call.

I love you guys and I hope you are doing well,
Com Amor,

Elder Caleb S. Carriere.

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  1. Caleb,

    God uses loneliness
    to teach us about living together.
    Sometimes, he uses anger so that we can
    understand the infinite value of peace.
    Other times he uses boredom, to show us
    the importance of adventure and abandon.
    God uses silence to teach us
    on the responsibility of what we say.
    Sometimes he uses fatigue, so that we can
    understand the value of awakening.
    Other times he uses the disease, when both
    show us the importance of health.
    God uses fire to teach us
    to walk on water.
    Sometimes uses the land, so that we can
    understand the value of the air.
    Other times he uses people to
    show us the importance of life.

    Good work
    Good weekend


    Charmene Cavilhas