2 Baptisms and one to go...

Dear Family and Friends,

So I was dumb and deleted the first message that I wrote you all so I am going to make this one shorter for I do not have the time to make it another long one.

Things here are doing great.  Christmas has come early for me.  We had two baptisms on Sunday.  They are Janete and Jonas.  They are mother and son.  Their father is a member and a return missionary, he preformed the baptism.  It was awesome.  

We also have another baptism coming up on Saturday.  I am excited for that one as well.  Her name is Charmene.  We will baptize her on Saturday and then she will be confirmed a member not on that following Sunday but the next for that Sunday is District Conference. This place does not have a stake yet so it is a District and my mission president will give a talk which ought to be cool.  

I have pictures, but as my companion has informed me I am not supposed to use photobucket which is no good because I dread uploading photos via myldsmail.net.  I would rather have my head bashed in.  So I will be sending my SD card to Alyson or Seth soon to upload my pictures.  

I had more to say, but I no longer have the time to do it. Sorry to say.  

I love you all and hope you are doing well.

Com Amor,

Elder Caleb S. Carriere

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