Kissing disease, I don"t think so!


Como é que temo, espero que vocês estejam bem.  Eu estou mais ou menos. Fui ao hospital duas vezes esta semana; estou passando por muito mal no estômigo. Espero que você não fiquem preocupados comigo. Vou sobreviver.  Vou ter que fazer um monte de exames, de sangue, etc. Para ver o que que tenho.

I had a kind of a strange week.  I did not work all to much. I have been kind of sick and was told by the mission president´s wife to stay home, and rest. So I have been and I continue to do so until she tells me otherwise.  I am however alright, just really really tired. I think I´ve got mano, or the dreeded kissing disease. Which if you think about it does not make much sense in the fact that it has been, let me see, oh yes more than 4 years now that  I have not kissed anyone so it is a little bit untruthful to call it that. Although the doctors do not know what it is that I´ve got so here in a couple of days I will do a blood test, and urine test, and poop test, and they will take a x-ray of by chest to see what the heck is wrong with me, but I will be fine. My companion gave ge a blessing and in the blessing he said that I would get better through these things that the doctors fine.  Do not worry. Will come home alive and well. And worse comes to worse I will come home a little bit early and you will get to see me.  Although I do not believe that will happen.

I got a funny phone call from the mission president last night saying, "Hey stop stressing out, you only got 5 more weeks.  You can hang in there."  Of course all that was said in Portuguese, and does not translate completely to that but that was his intent.  He was just calling me to get the phone number of the missionary couple in our city.  Oh and by the way, I discovered that the missionary couple and our family are related.  They two are Murdocks, but not.  The couple is actually named Brother and Sister Minor, but he says that he has family line of Murdocks in Ceder City, more than likely since he is from there and is a relative to those Murdocks I figure that we are some kind of a cousin couple times removed.

Well love you all and  I will see you soon,


Elder Caleb S. Carriere

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