Short and Sweet

I have to make this really quick; my time on the computer is running up. I am fine, and I am loving life and the fact that it is P-day.  I am looking forward to resting for a good time. 
This week we had one more baptism.  Her name is Leía, she is 30 years old and a single mother.  She has shown great faith.  I am a little taken a back because of it.  She, in the last couple of week has been dealing with a lot of problems, for example people talking bad about about the Church.  Also, her own mother does not want anything to do with the church and refuses to talk with her.  Leía went to her own baptism alone, and none of the people that she invited came with her. It was just the 4 missionaries in the ward and three members.  The missionaries and I sang a song, and she started the cry.  It was a very Spiritual moment.
Like I said, I really do not have time now to talk, but I love you and I am happy to hear that all is well in the world.
Elder Caleb S. Carriere

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