It's Just a Flesh Wound!!!

Dear family and friends,

I have some exciting news for you all. The first off, last week I was bitten by a dog.  It hurt like nothing else.  I am fine, and I did not need to get stitches or a vacination or anthing of the sort, but how did it bleed, Oh buddy.  It did not stop for serveral hours. I changed the bandaid serveral times. All is good however. I am find and my finger ( the place where the dog got me) is working normally like it should. It just has some holes in it.  That is all. It will most likely leave a mark, but that is just a part of the job, and also a part of life. Who knows, maybe in a couple of months, perphape 12 and a half, people will look at that scar of mine and ask, how did you get it, and I will explain, and they will have simpathy and want to talk to me more. 

The second thing that I have to tell you all is that I will be leaving Santa Rosa.  It is the death of the Santa Rosa Kid, but all is well. I think that it is my time to leave.  I had a good time here. I made lots of friends and baptized a few people along the way, but as they all say, "All good things must come to an end."

The third and last thing I have to say is that I am now a Zone Leader.  I will be going to a city called Cruz Alta and I will be Zone Leader B of the Cruz Alta Zone.  I have a new companion, well two actually because I will be a threesome for a while.  Their names are Elders Viana and Anthon. I know Elder Anthon he arrived on the mission with me. He is a cool guy, and Elder Viana I hear is a cool guy too. I am really excited.  

All is good for me here. I am will, I am alive, and I am working hard. I am every excited for what the future holds and I hope that all will go will with us.  

Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers,


Elder Caleb S. Carriere

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