LAU!!!!!!!! TCHÊ!!!!!!!!!

Dear family friends, brasileiros and anyone how reads English,

Primeiramente quero dizer que nós tinhamos mais um batismo.  LAU!!!!!!!! TCHÊ!!!!!!!!!

Alright that is your Portuguese for the week.  That says, "Firstly, I want to say that we had one more baptism."  And the words LAU and TCHÊ are just like saying Yeah and WOW. 

Here name is a Elena and I think I have already spoke a lot about her already, but if not I will recap.  She is 19 years old, when we first meet her, she was dating a 40 something year old low life who is wanted for murder.  Then she broke up with him, because he tried to kill her, then she placed a restraining order on him, and he is not allow to be with in such and such a distance from her.  Her friend Irmã Jaque said, "Hey, I know two guys that you should meet who will change your life, and also move in with me and my family and go to church with me."  So she did as was suggested to her and we baptized her on Saturday and confirmed her on Sunday.  "Shake and Bake!!!" to quote a really terrible movie about Nascar racing.

We are having a lot of progress with a couple of other families.  Now we have just got to get them to quite smoking and being lazy.  They all say, however, that they want to get baptized, so I cannot complain too much, and they are good people as well. 

That is it for me.  The weather is finally cooling down, although the last couple of days here were really hot and muggy, but I have been told that is kind of normal.  It gets really cold then it gets hot again for a couple of days then the temperature really drops like crazy, but then again.  It was like 60 F the other day and everyone was in winter jackets and cold weather gear and my companion I were still sweating buckets.  So yeah.  Also I am sorry Erynn, I forgot to say Happy Birthday, and I still have not gotten your package yet, but Zone Conference is this week, so more than likely I will get it then. 

I love you all and I hope you are all doing well. 


Elder Caleb S. Carriere

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