Its All About Xuxa

Dear Family, Friends and the few Brazilians I know who read this,

I am in Santa Rosa now, well sort of. I am actually back in São Luiz because of splits. My companion and my old companion have a meeting in Santa Maria and the new companion of my old companion and I are chilling in São Luiz until tomorrow when our companions will arrive back here and everything goes back to normal.

As Alyson put on the Blog, one of Brazil's biggest celebrates grew up in Santa Rosa. Her name is Xuxa, (shoe-sha). Her tale is a little strange and has some bad parts to it, for instance she was one of Brazil's biggest porn stars for awhile according to my companion, but now she is Barnie, The Wiggles, Seasame Street and Lamp Chop all rolled into one blond 40 something year old woman. Actually our apartment is acrossed the street from her childhood home. I walk by it everyday, also the city of Santa Rosa built this huge gate that has her picture and the phrase, "Xuxa A Rainha dos Baixinhos." Which translates to Xuxa the queen of the littleones. It is really kind of strange, but yeah.

My companion and I get along great, better than Elder Matos and I every did anyway. His name is Elder Enout. He is from São Paulo. He is really a good guy. I will send a picture eventually but I did bring my camera along with me so I am unable to upload pictures.

I really do not have a opinion of the City itself yet but the members are great. This week I received a gift. Now it is not anything that I wanted, but it was a welcoming present nonetheless. I discovered why they say when going to South America do not drink the water. I made that mistake. I drank the water in Santa Rosa which is not as clean as São Luiz. I either had the flu or disintary because I had a feever of a 102 or 39 depending what system you us, and I was pooping liquid hellfire from my rearend all week long. The members here once they hear that I was sick made me soup and I spent many hours laying on the couch of one family as they all took turns nursing me. Good times were had by all. I really loved their charity. But I think I jinxed myself because all the missionaries here received water bottles with flitters in it and I said I do need this the water here is clean, and I left it at our apartement the first day. One family asked about them and I said, oh I do not have any fear of the water here in Santa Rosa, to which they replied with a laugh and said you will. Ah... I do now.

That was my week. I know next week will be better.

Com Amor,

Elder Caleb S. Carriere

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